Minor release : V1.5.2 is out

Dear plugin users,

With the recent launch of V1.5.1, a number of you did come back with some gaps and examples of where the plugin did fall short.

For this bug-fix release I’ve cleaned the code further and isolated what caused some JS or CSS conflicts for several of you. I received positive feedback from most beta testers (thanks again for your time) qo I’m releasing what I have now.

  • Not only your calendars should load but you’ll now have the ability to pick different calendar skins (as listed in the official jQuery UI Gallery). This long time requested feature will help a number of you to make the calendars look more in line with your WP theme.
    The plugin will load the minified version hosted on google CDN for the JS & CSS file. Assuming your users don’t have it in their cache already, we’re talking about ~10K of code that will be downloaded once, only once, from the super-fast Google servers.
  • I’ve fixed the ASCII encoding error for the days & months.
  • I’ve cleaned the admin panel a little.

[booking_pluginbox id=”309″]

Hope this release will contribute to improving your sales.



Bug fixes for V1.5.1 – Test it now !

Dear plugin users,

Based on your feedback after the launch of V1.5 and V1.5.1, I’ve looked at the code again. In most situations, the plugin should have been playing nicely with your current WP install… but I’ve been able to reproduce certain cases where things could go wrong. After a number of tests, I’ve fixed the root cause for the calendars not being displayed correctly. You can now freely integrate this with your wordpress theme.

While I was at it, I’ve added an option that allows you to select the calendar skin you prefer directly from the jQuery repository. Check all the options available from here. Each skin will be now selectable from the admin panel for each of your searchbox. As usual, I don’t recommend running multiple searchboxes on the same page as you’d probably end up with mixed results. I’ve seized the opportunity to clean up the admin panel too.


I’ve also fixed a few text encoding issues for Spanish & German.



With that, I think we should be good for some time 🙂

Here’s the download link for the preview, let me know if anything goes wrong ! If I receive no feedback, I’ll post this version on the official repository later on this week.


Thanks for using this plugin & for the feedback


Minor release : V1.5.1 is out

Dear plugin users,

With the recent launch of V1.5, a number of you did come back with some gaps and examples of where the plugin did fall short.

1. Front-end

  • A big miss in 1.5 was the inability to apply the color scheme when the searchbox was placed in the body of the page. It only worked in the sidenav. This is now fixed and you can display as many searchboxes on a single page : each will have its own look & feel per your settings.
  • For the sites already using a jQuery function (Tabs, accordion, alerts, …), users reported a conflict in between their previous install and the theme packed with this plugin. With this release, you’ll be able to disable the embedded skin that comes with the plugin. This way, the jQuery calendar will leverage your site theme and look even more integrated !
    The option is available from the settings page (very last option) :disable_skin
  • The calendar icon is back where it belongs, which should work for most users. However, if need is be, you can easily adjust the padding here: “/includes/shortcode.php”, line 295 & 296.
  • Bulgarian is now supported (thanks to Georgi)

2. Under the hood

  • I’ve cleaned the translation setup and fixed a couple of characters that didn’t behave nicely. I’ve also compressed the number of lines of code dedicated to translations. The date appearing in the check in / check out will be in local language too.
  • I still don’t advise you run multiple searchboxes on the same page, but if you have to, then this should now be mostly working.
  • A legacy CSS file is now removed from the archive.
  • The plugin is also setup, tested and compliant with WP 3.8.

What’s next ?

I’ve had requests for additional user-level security in the past. It’ll allow sites with multiple contributors to have only the site owner deciding what AID to be used !

I’ll also start looking at the integration of the results within the wordpress site as opposed to a blank new window at booking.com. An easy one in PHP, a bit more tricky within wordpress.

But for now, just one thing to do : go to your WP install and upgrade to the latest version of the plugin… and if you haven’t done it yet, sign up to the newsletter to stay up to speed with what’s going on !

Thanks to all for your valuable inputs !