Minor release : V1.6.1 is out

Dear plugin users,

This plugin while things seem to be mostly stable for the large majority of you, I had a couple of requests I wanted to take care of :

New features

  • New language : Icelandic
    I guess most people didn’t expected that one… and me either ! Thanks to Bikingviking, you’ll now be able to offer a stay near the legendary 

    Eyjafjallajökull. I’ve also added the local currency support.

  • ‘H3’ tag removal from the Searchbox
    A user requested some time back that I remove the H3 tag from the searchbox as this was conflicting with his site template. It should look exactly the same as before for many of you and might look much more integrated for some users.

The update notification should come in a few hours. Till then, you can see the demo of the live version or check the FAQ.