What does it do ?

After quite some time discussing with folks around me I decided to start writing a plugin to make it easy entering the Affiliates business.

Sometimes folks might have great ideas on paper. Things just tend to become difficult when it’s time to implement on a website. Leveraging the whole WordPress architecture, this plugin should considerably make things easier for booking.com affiliates willing to start moving the needle on their online sales.

What does this plugin do?

  • Take the booking.com search box and add it to your site within any widget-ized area.
  • Customize that search box with all the booking.com recommended settings. No black magic, just playing by the rules:
    • Affiliate ID
    • Default destination
      • Could be just one city or district
      • Could be just one hotel or a chain
      • Could be the surroundings of an airport or other POIs
    • Search box Label (for your booking.com reporting)
    • Width & Heigth
    • Text & background color
    • Language
    • Widget title (customize, add or remove)
  • Lightweight & much cleaner code than the default booking.com affiliates proposed code.

What this plugin doesn’t do (yet?)

  • In the making
    • Support dynamic links
    • Customize your landing page (embed the booking.com results on your site)


Let me know if you have any additional suggestions.




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15 thoughts on “What does it do ?

  1. Hi Greg,

    Wonderful plugin. Can I ask you one thing? Can I buy wp booking theme from themeforest and then using this plug in? Also will that theme work for white label too?

    Thanks so much

    • Hello,

      Yes of course you can use this plugin with any theme. It’ll look better on some than others. The plugin is free so worst case you’re not losing any money. If you’re happy with this plugin, you can offer me a beer too ;)


  2. Hi!
    Very intresting plugin, thanks a lot.
    But I want form like from the page http://www.booking.com/ (rounded corners, header, field for guests, calendar looks more like the original, etc)
    Could you make like it? I make some donate for this work.

    • Hey Andrey, I’ve been using the extact styling booking.com applies to its affiliates searchbox. See examples directly in your affiliate extranet (or here). I can see down the line how I can make the whole design much more flexible but there are a couple of other challenges users have reported before I tackle that. Stay tuned !

    • Hey Mike,

      Yes and no. This is not built into the plugin at the moment BUT just like any other WP plugin you can go into the editor and have fun.
      In the version I’m building now I got rid of the legacy booking.com code in favor of the jQery datepicker. That’ll allow theme selection but I don’t know about an actual built-in CSS editor.

      Feel free to share your experiments though !

  3. Hiya,

    I am looking for a plugin that can get search results from booking.com (so I can create markers for them to display them on a google map on my own website).

    The search results could also be used to show info for each hotel on my website.

    Do you have any plans for this?

    And do you have any plans to integrate the booking form too, so I can keep the user on my site the whole time??


    PS – Your “any additional suggestions” – http://www.wordpress-booking-plugin.com/suggest-new-features link – doesn’t work.

  4. Hi, I have different hotels listed on my site. Can I create separate search boxes that I can embed in each hotel page on my site, so it only searches availability of that particular hotel?

    • Hello Jay,
      Yes you can absolutely do that. You can specify each searchbox to a specific hotel and even hide the destination field so it seems fully integrated in your site design.
      The one thing it can’t do is search against several of your hotel from one searchbox. That would be a nice feature but booking.com doesn’t allow that.


  5. hi, i just need to display only my b&b booking.com page and let customers book their rooms with booking.com from my website. Is that possible? Thank you Tony

    • Hello Tony
      Yes it’s one of the features and it’s really easy to do. Give the ‘destination type’ a try and you’ll figurebit out quickly.

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