Version 0.2 : Calendars are now actually useful !

Hey there,

UPDATED (again): Just deployed 0.2.2 with support for Italian and the ability to select in which browser window the results show up (self or new).

UPDATED: I deployed 0.2.1 with the missing css file from 0.2. No idea how this was missed from the SVN upload but here you go !

It’s been exactly 2 months this plugin made it to the official WordPress repository. I can’t complain about the number of downloads considering how niche the audience is. Also, thanks for your various notes and the few donations. I can’t say these have been the most rewarding hours of work in my life but it’s good to see some appreciation from strangers ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s new today ? First thing first, I’ve rebuilt the code for searchbox from the ground up. Starting from the code, I’ve cleaned the source a bit, added some localization features and made sure I did not break anything. What I’ve been trying to achieve here is really to move away from the standard iframe approach. Although the 90s were great for many reasons, using iframes as part of an online project these days is reaaally bad.

The net change for you, dear plugin users, is simply the code will be running on your servers instead of the ones. This brings you complete control over the stability of your site and the control of what’s happenning from a clickstream standpoint. This release gives you:

  • Calendar fix : your visitors will now see the calendar instead of having them hidden under the iframe.
  • No more “height” adjustement necessary.
  • Better control over localization. Only 5 languages supported for now but many more to come.

You might also have noticed the url of this site changed to comply with the policy. I wasn’t actually allowed to use the word “wordpress” in my domain name.

Download the latest version of the wordpress plugin page.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the update to the plugin. For any new suggestion for the future realeases, please use the tracker or simply drop a note in here.


10 thoughts on “Version 0.2 : Calendars are now actually useful !

      • Woops!, tried the 0.2.2 version and there seems to be an error whan opening the results.
        I havent been able to localize the error yet.

        • I think is some codification problem, because I see things like this in the error_url:
          “%2f%3faid%3dXXX”, which I assume should be “/?aid=XXX” according to their ASCII equivalences.

          • In my tests the affiliate ID (AID) is being passed on correctly. The error url which is encoded as per the standards (url encoded). I’ll defo keep looking at this as you pointed out number of bugs so far ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I am testing the widget in a test site (, and I’ve found out that the problem exists only when spaces are used in the textbox.

          For example, if you search “Menorca” or “Barcelona”, the widget redirects correctly.

          But if you search “Ciutadella de Menorca” or “Ciutadella Barcelona”, something weird happens, Its like it’s ignoring everything after the space.

          I’ll keep testing to see which is my problem.

          • Hey MD,

            Thanks for your involvement in testing this plugin and thanks for your feedback. Let me know if you found anything further. I’ll defo value your help !


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