Many many bug fixes

Hi everyone,

I do apologize for the many many plugin updates. While I’m trying to keep this lively and hope to meet your needs, I clearly need to figure out better acceptance tests ! I’ll think about this for a while… once I’m sure the new code is stabilized and every one is happy.

Being a WP user too, I know how bugging updating plugins can be 🙁

Keep the feedback coming !

4 thoughts on “Many many bug fixes

  1. Hi Greg

    When I install the plugin with google adsense plugin I can not add comments to my posts even if I am signed on as an administrator. Visitors to the site are also unable to add comments.

    Please advise.


    • Hey Imran,

      I’m very surprised by the behavior you described. The plugin has nothing to do with the comment functions or CSS classes. When you disable the plugin, can you use comments again ?


  2. Hi – great plugin! One problem, though. Each time I try to save the width as 300 pixels, it never saves, just reverts to a blank value in the text box.

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