Future update for the Booking.com WordPress plugin

I’ve been quite on/off for personal reasons. Based on the feedback I’ve received in the last couple of months, Here’s what the next release will bring to the table :

User interface enhancements

  • Many have complained about conflicts VS their installed templates. Even though the code is absolutely valid, I’m rewrite the UI to align on the latest resonsive standards. Hopefully, this should get you covered with legacy HTML conflicts.
    Having said that, if your template is not responsive or is not strictly valid, there’s nothing I can do about that. Sounds obvious, but I’ve received seriously weird emails 🙂
  • CSS3 will enable rounded corners where applicable and will degrade nicely as it can.
  • Color picker
  • Couple of additional UI controls will allow you to better merge this with your theme.

Under the hood

  • The next release will support shortcode. This will allow you to insert the widget wherever you like. One footnote to that, this might be a child plugin to this main development thread, just so everyone is happy with the UI.

What is NOT coming just next

  • The next release will NOT cover the booking.com result page integration into your blog. This will come at a later stage. While this is a relatively simple thing to do technically, there are way too many options and tweaks to cover in order to give your visitors a great online experience. I’ve been testing this for a while on a friend’s site and I don’t want to take the blame for that on a greater scale.
    Yes, I’ll industrialize the code in the future, just don’t have enough time right now to do it with a good level of quality.

Please remember this plugin is free and done on my own spare time so you don’t waste yours. If you are being frustrated with the timelines, I do understand the feeling but I can’t do much about it. Buying me a coffee is your best incentive at this stage 🙂

Thanks for your patience


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