Minor realease : V0.2.5 is out

Hey folks

As per my previous note, I’ve been working on a number of large updates. I expect the first large update to go live early june.

Till we get there, I released a minor update today for two reason.

1) An anonymous user provided the code for Turkish for the current version of the plugin and I had no reason not to push it live to please some users. I know most people won’t care though !

2) For the non-Turkish speaking folks, I also added a warning notice. The next releases will require some special attention. Don’t just update it while on the go. Make sure you have a few spare minutes ahead of you to make this work. I’ve rewrote the plugin from the ground up and will be using a completely new setup, even for the plugin database. It’s all good stuff really, but like any change, it requires a few minutes to adjust to it.

Also, I’ve noted I had a few broken links on this site as the wordpress.com team asked me to change my initial domain name. Sorry if I didn’t reply to some of your suggestions or freelance requests. I simply never received the notifications.

Head to the download link on wordpress.org or to your installation plugin page.

Let’s be in touch soon and keep the feedback coming (public comments, direct note or features request)!

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