Minor realease : V0.2.6 is out

Hey guys

As I’m making good progress on the next major release, I believe I found out the tiny UI gap in the live version of the plugin. I patched it and thus I’m releasing yet another minor release. I sincerely hope this will bridge the UI gap some of you have been experiencing.

Please note this error is pulled directly from the source code Booking.com is providing to its affiliates. I’ll let them know kindly.

Also, some users reported calendars might appear slightly higher than the actual search box in some specific conditions (narrow site, wide monitors). I’ve been able to replicate the issue but I’m affraid this is the “correct” behaviour for the javascript provided by Booking.com. I’ll let them know kindly.

Anyhow, all streams ahead to 0.2.6 !

I should be able to keep my planning straight and launch the next major release in the first half of june. I’m 60% there : almost all the backend is now coded, I’m still working on the UI for the search box AND the UI of the admin pageS. More to come…


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