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I just found a link to a page that features a lot of info in one single location just just wanted to share that with you. This might help for you own site !

I am pretty sure there are MUCH BETTER integration examples out there… but these are the ones recommended by

Get started today!

Search boxes

This is what YOU control. This can be hosted on your site and tweaked by the plugin I’ve built. This is the first thing you can do to get started in the affiliation business.

Everything listed here is covered by the plugin I created. Also, you will not find examples of multiple searchboxes on one single page… as this is not supported by the scripts.

Want more ?

Once you start getting some traffic, you can put requests to the online team. If you don’t have a minimum of 100 visitors a day, I doubt they will even care about what you ask.

You can’t achieve the implementation examples below on your own. They are relative to your partner ID and hosted on the servers. Again, the more traffic you get, the more chances you have to have it done in a relativelly short timespan.

More than 100 visitors a day : + co-branded

As you can see, the affiliate brand is “integrated” into the design of the regular pages. Yes it is ! Look closer, top right ;).


More than 100 visitors a day : IFrames

In this example, the affiliate site loads the customized page in a “wide” iframe. Customers feel like they are on one site only but essentially this is 2 sites showing up on one page. It has a lot of pro’s (you still own the integration) and con’s (double scroll bars, security certificate won’t show up, look and feel is weird at times).


More than 100 visitors a day : Complete Style Copy / Header-Footer

The online team need to set you up here.
To work on your chances, make sure you look at the examples below and know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. The cleaner your request is, the higher the chances they’ll pay attention to your request.


More than 1000 visitors a day : Database Dump

This one is relatively rare and I’m not convinced there’s any updside to it.


More than 1000 visitors a day : XML

An XML integration is real deal. While it is a bit more costly when you’re just starting into the affiliation business, this is definitely a sign that you are serious about what you want to achieve. There is a cost on the side to set you up and they will gladly make you pay for it. Also once this is in place, you better be sure to have some good traffic coming your way… a site redesign might force you to rework it all over again.

Hope this helped, feel free to send me your own suggestions !


33 thoughts on “ affilitates implementation examples

  1. Nice to read this after receiving the update. 🙁

    Used the plugin as widget. Filling in the date in the new form, does not result in a widget. Just nothing.

    • Hey Ruud, yeah the approach changed a bit. Once you’ve created your searchbox in the admin panel, copy/paste the shortcode into a simple “text” widget. Should work exactly as the previous versions.

      • wrong, does not work, reason to send the message. I removed the stuff. But, why without a message in advance properly, without clear instructions and an ‘image’ about the solution

        • Hello Ruud, I’m not sure I got you. Did you succeed in creating a searchbox with the new version of the plugin ? If you need a more detailed answer, I mentioned your question in the FAQs, I even put a gallery together with each 3 steps represented. If you’re not comfortable with this version of the plugin but would rather go back to the previous one, it’s all archived on Here’s the link to version 0.2.6.
          As to the messaging before the upgrade, I did post 3 articles on this site and 3 warning notices in the changelog & upgrade warning (the box that is show up on your plugin page). If you believe that is not enough, I’m absolutely open to your suggestions !

          • Didn’t knew this website was available (..)
            Probably wrong, but if one has a lot more websites than 1 : seeing there are some updates, ok, point them all en go with updating.
            Reading update-information while there are lets say 10 updates, is not an option.

            If the upgrade is that different, should be important enough to mention it before sending the script.
            As a widget in the sidebar your script was handy. The update took his place in the normale page-editor, with a huge custom fields filled in.
            Now I have removed, I still have those custom fields 🙁
            As I said, I removed the script as I want only a widget.

  2. Greg, great overview I have been trying to work out what all the different versions are we can work with. I would like to set up a iframe for our site. Currently have co branded page but feel it could be working better.


  3. I would like to integrate white label XML to my website if you can provide me with a good web designer and I read that this would cost money from side to provide XML any idea.

    • John,
      I hear you can hire freelance for this XML integration job for about $500. Several marketplaces offer that sort of skillset & experience. When it comes to booking, I’d really recommend you talk with them first before starting any work on your side. If you come prepared with a business case and have already some good traffic it should be quite straightforward.

    • Hello Hassan,

      Looking at your site it seems you’ve already figured out a way to do it. This is not a feature of the plugin (never been requested before) but feel free to alter it to do this. Simply go edit the shortcode.php file (Plugins > Editor > “Booking plugin” and press select > shortcode.php) and tweak the html code towards the bottom of the file.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Greg
    Do you have contact details for in Europe/UK?
    We are looking for a white label product, for our niche travel start up. But, there don’t seem to be any contacts available in the affiliate centre.

    • Hello Richard,
      Nope I wouldn’t have an official name to share with you. I’d try the generic contact form or even an actual “contact us” number ?

  5. Thanks Gregory, this is a great guide for anyone who is looking to choose between the integration options available. I have a question for you, does approve all affiliates even the early stage startups?

    Thanks in advance

    Ankit Yadav

    • Hey

      In my experience, no, they’d rather wait a little to see how much traffic you manage to get first. Having said that, by all mean start making contact witg your local team. They might be great allies for later.

      • Thanks Gregory, to start with I am planning to use Hotels Combined and lets see how it works out and as you have suggested I would start the communication with and as we progress futher and gain some traction we will look towards

        Any suggestions on prerequisites for


        Ankit Yadav

        • Not really. I mean they really seem to grant access solely based on how “reliable” the business is. I guess you can advertise some good traffic or a solid business plan or even simply a good looking site. Good luck !

  6. thanks , it is really helpful.

    Can you please tell what is type 3 integration?
    Does it same as database dump integration ?

    • Hello Francesco, this plugin allows you to restrict your searchbox to 1 hotel (or area, or city, or landmark, or airport). When you create a searchbox, look for the search criteria.

  7. Hi Gregory,
    Thank you for this plugin…I have issues with css (seams to be my theme)
    my date and months are not line( as you can see on link) there is date,date & months , months in one line. Is that possible to change it in css or php to have it like it have to be (date & month in one line)?

    • Hello Carsten,
      I think you’re not using my plugin or you have heavily played with the code. Make sure you use the plugin called “ Affiliate plugin”. Hopefully the experience will be more pleasant ! Let me know how it goes.

  8. where i can find the API for response in JSON format , i need to integrate affiliate account to my webservice to give response to Android End.

    • Hello Anuj, sorry for the late feedback, for some reason I didn’t see it earlier. You should find the info on your affiliate extranet. I also added a few examples on

  9. One of the widget options is “Restrict to a FEW hotels” – this was the main reason I installed the widget. I know how to find a hotel id, but how do you program the box to show only my personal hand selected hotels? Thanks.

  10. Also – do you have a div class in the widget called “button”? I already have that in my css so two buttons are showing up. One looks really weird, is bigger than the box and sits kind of behind the search button. How do I make the widget class different that the button div I already have?

    • As explained on this page, the site you want to replicate requires them to do something on side. You should contact your Affiliate Manager (whoever sent you your affiliate ID). You do not need this plugin to do what you see on the site you mentioned.

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