Minor release : V1.0.1 is out

Hey folks,

Time for a little upgrade !

1. Widget

Based on the feedback I received, I re-introduced the Booking.com affiliate widget. Just go in your Appearance > Widget page and drag and drop it where you want it to show. Hope you’ll appreciate the dropdown menu, dynamic integration at its finest 😉

If you are using a text widget with a Shortcode with it, no worries, it’ll still work absolutelly fine.

2. Admin panel

A long time user made me realize there was no way back from categorization. You can now deselect your categorizations instead of having to recreate a searchbox. No brainer !

Good good… and what’s coming next ?

A major upgrade is on its way and it’ll start impact the design, finally. I’ve managed to have a good clean and stable code to move away from the original javascript & css from booking.com. Remember, the code they recommend affiliates to use has not been updated in 5 years… For those that have been looking into their html output, you’ll love how clean and concise the future version looks.
Over time this’ll open the door to themes or CSS theming, eventually.

But for now, just one thing to do : go to your WP install and upgrade to the latest version of the plugin !




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