Feature for the next release : Greek


I’ll start a new post category to announce where I stand on the development of the plugin. I’ll warn in advance what are the features I have added and that are already being tested. They might not always be sufficient to justify a new public version, but at least people will know better what to expect in advance.

So, what have we got here ? Greek !

User Yiannis sent me not only the translation in Greek, but also all the code pieces so I only had to add it to the core. I have to say, this is not the first time it happens: Paulo submitted Portuguese and an unknown contributor sent me Turkish.


That kind of things HAVE to make you love the web.

Anyway, more to come soon.

Efkaristo poli !


1 thought on “Feature for the next release : Greek

  1. I’m having a small problem with your plugin on my website & didn’t know how else to contact you. When I enable the search box on the widget it appears outside the max width I have set for the widget.

    How can I code in a max width for the search box in the widget?

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