CSS Bug fixes for V1.5 – Test it now !

Hey there

I’ve received a few comments and emails about CSS issues / conflicts with the latest release. While I’m sad to hear I missed them during the testing phase of the last launch I’m grateful for your feedback !

I’ll absolutelly look into each comment and specific issue, correct them and post a corrective release asap. Again, because the code is now much more aligned with the industry standards, it is probably only going to take an hour or two (fingers crossed :)), which is great for all of us.

The only downside is I’m really busy at work these days and I’m running a 10K race tomorrow so it’ll have to wait till next weekend at the earliest before I can really sit down and do the necessary cleaning. At that point, I’ll do another beta version and will offer you the chance to confirm that it all behaves as it should (i.e. MUCH nicer than 1.0.1).

Update to V1.5.1

Get your dev version right now to check this has fixed any potential issue. The more feedback I get, the quicker the next release will go live.

November 25th

  • Calendar icon alignement (short term fix)
  • Background & text colors now working fine (main column & sidenav)
  • Tested on Chrome / IE10 / FF for look & feel AND interactions with the calendars (i.e. date selection).
  • Deprication of orphan CSS file.

–┬áNovember 30th

  • Fall back solution for the calendar icon, similar to V1.0.1
  • Translations are now completed for the calendars. The code still need a cleaner formatting but it’s all good.
  • Enforced language (english) and tracking name (“plugin”) when no settings are defined.
  • Tested on Chrome / IE10 / FF for look & feel AND interactions with the calendars (i.e. date selection).
  • Tested for WP 3.8 Beta 1

December 1st

  • Optional CSS override : if you are already running jQuery Tabs or Accordion on your site, use this new option to disable the skin packed with the plugin and keep your site consistent !┬áThis will also prevent your other Tabs / Accordion / … to pick up the look and feel of the calendar.
    The option is available at the bottom of the plugin setting page.
  • We’re back on with the icon calendar. It still won’t work for everyone, but with the fix mentioned above the noise should be minimal.
    If you want to tweak it, go to “/includes/shortcode.php”, line 295 & 296.
  • Much better support of multiple searchboxes on one single page. Not yet perfectly fine but will cater for 90% of the uses.
  • Translation cleanup.

Still pending

  • Use of multiple searchboxes with calendars in different languages on a single page. This is the reason why booking.com can return “Check out date invalid”. For now, keep using only 1 searchbox per page. => Much improved but not perfect yet.
  • Extensive testing with older IE versions
  • Potential conflict with other jQuery plugins (by design this shouldn’t happen due to the WP coding best practices I’ve followed… but I’m also hearing the feedback in the case of jQuery tabs, so looking into it) => tested with WP sites using jQuery tabs and did not face weird behavior. => Fixed with “Disable skin (CSS)” option

Thank you again for the feedback, keep the details coming !

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