Bug fixes for V1.5.1 – Test it now !

Dear plugin users,

Based on your feedback after the launch of V1.5 and V1.5.1, I’ve looked at the code again. In most situations, the plugin should have been playing nicely with your current WP install… but I’ve been able to reproduce certain cases where things could go wrong. After a number of tests, I’ve fixed the root cause for the calendars not being displayed correctly. You can now freely integrate this with your wordpress theme.

While I was at it, I’ve added an option that allows you to select the calendar skin you prefer directly from the jQuery repository. Check all the options available from here. Each skin will be now selectable from the admin panel for each of your searchbox. As usual, I don’t recommend running multiple searchboxes on the same page as you’d probably end up with mixed results. I’ve seized the opportunity to clean up the admin panel too.


I’ve also fixed a few text encoding issues for Spanish & German.



With that, I think we should be good for some time 🙂

Here’s the download link for the preview, let me know if anything goes wrong ! If I receive no feedback, I’ll post this version on the official repository later on this week.


Thanks for using this plugin & for the feedback


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