Minor release : V1.5.2 is out

Dear plugin users,

With the recent launch of V1.5.1, a number of you did come back with some gaps and examples of where the plugin did fall short.

For this bug-fix release I’ve cleaned the code further and isolated what caused some JS or CSS conflicts for several of you. I received positive feedback from most beta testers (thanks again for your time) qo I’m releasing what I have now.

  • Not only your calendars should load but you’ll now have the ability to pick different calendar skins (as listed in the official jQuery UI Gallery). This long time requested feature will help a number of you to make the calendars look more in line with your WP theme.
    The plugin will load the minified version hosted on google CDN for the JS & CSS file. Assuming your users don’t have it in their cache already, we’re talking about ~10K of code that will be downloaded once, only once, from the super-fast Google servers.
  • I’ve fixed the ASCII encoding error for the days & months.
  • I’ve cleaned the admin panel a little.

[booking_pluginbox id=”309″]

Hope this release will contribute to improving your sales.



14 thoughts on “Minor release : V1.5.2 is out

  1. I’ve updated to v 1.5.2 and css conflicts are solved.
    The encoding issues are not solved, at least for my case.

    Thanks for your continuous efforts Greg.

    • Ah damned, I forgot 1 translation for Wednesay in spanish. Ahh… Solved now for the next release.
      (really) Glad the CSS issue is gone for you.

  2. Hi,
    My calendar still show below the blank box. I tried deleting the plugin and re-installing but no changes…Please help…

    • Hello Samir,

      I couldn’t find the plugin on your live site. Do you have a development site I can look at ?
      Also, while looking at your live site, I noticed there are a couple of js issues (hit F12 in Chrome or Firefox and look at the “console” tab). Maybe something to look into as well ?

      Let me know !

  3. Hi,

    So for some reason, I created the search box and everything is ok. Then I edit the search box to fix something and for some reason the search box turns into a post when I save it?

    Any ideas?

    • Hello Daryl,

      That is surprising, the post-type used for the plugin isn’t something that is picked up by the wordpress loop.
      I guess my answer won’t help much, but there’s really not much more I could say than no other plugin user reported this particular issue.

      Let me know if the issue persists, I’ll be happy to look into it.

      • Hi Gregory,

        Thanks for the reply. It is quite a strange problem and may be a conflict with some other plugin. I was on a tight deadline, so I ended up deleting the plugin and going with hotelscombined search boxes as they work better on mobile devices with a responsive site.


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