Minor release : V1.5.3 is out

Dear plugin users,

With the recent launch of V1.5.2, I received some feedback for very basic things to be addressed and some more longer standing items.

This release being a minor one, I’ll take some of the trivial things out of the way.

  1. Z-index correction : many users reported that the calendars were showing behind their sliders or ads, resulting in an awkward online experience. The z-index was previously defaulting to 1, it is now set to 9999999. You should be fine for a while !
  2. Calendar font size : many users have been surprised by how large the calendars have become. I’ve reduced the porportional font size from 1.1em to 1. You’ll notice it does make a nice difference while still being very much user friendly.
  3. Spanish & Portuguese translations – html encoding : I did miss one html encoding for respectivelly Wednesday & March in the previous release. It’s now fixed.

The long standing items below are still pending :

  1. jQuery conflicts (calendar won’t open),
  2. restricting the plugin usage to site admins
  3. ability to open the results within WP instead of pointing to booking.com

I’ll look at these sporadically in the next few weeks but don’t hold me for delays on these.

Thanks for using the plugin

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