Minor release : V1.6 is out

Dear plugin users,

This plugin has been stable for some time now but a few users reported bugs and long-waiting requests… I gave in and opened my editor to work through it.

New features

  • Search button customization
    When I wrote “I gave in” earlier, this is really meant for that search button. From day one, plugin users pretty much asked for this (as a low priority). I guess this has been a low priority for so long, it was high time I get it on the list.
    By default, the background color will remain the good old “#0896FF” blue. The border color and text color will remain linked, by default #FFF.
    While I was at it, I also restyled a tiny bit the search box to soften the edges. I did not want to make it look like a web2.0 button; only trying to stick to the booking.com styleguide.

  • Currency determination
    Booking.com usually does a good job at picking the currency that makes sense for the visitor. Based on the hotel settings and the visitor browser settings, it should, in most cases give you an ideal combination. However, if you want to force results to be displayed in one currency, you can now do it from the admin panel. All the booking.bom currencies are supported : USD / EUR / GBP / INR / SGD / DKK / NOK / SEK / AED / AUD / BRL / CAD / CHF / CLP / CZK / HUF / ILS / JPY / MXN / PLN.

Bug fix

  • Fixed “Destination” window
    Shame on me. I purely & simply forgot to add the basic few lines of codes allowing the results to display in a new window (or not). By default, regardless of your choices in the editor, all results were being displayed in a brand new browser window. The plugin will now respect your choice. Doh…

As usual, I know there are other requests or (tiny) bug fixes that some of you have asked. It’s all on my list. Time allowing, I’ll do another release in a couple of weeks.

Keep the feedback coming and… if you like this plugin, sharing this page. Also making small donations & positive reviews on WordPress.org  are always appreciated 🙂


4 thoughts on “Minor release : V1.6 is out

  1. Hi Greg,

    Does your plugin have the ability to book for one location only? (I found you as a client wanted to publish booking-com reviews to their wordpress site. This made me think it would be good if they could handle their reservations through their site too!)



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