Minor release : V1.8 is out

Dear plugin users,

Only a couple of weeks after the last update, please welcome this “maintenance” release.

Performance and overall WP best practices are always high on my list. The legacy searchbox storage function was doing a little too much for its purpose. Instead of creating entries in your “wp_postmeta” table ONLY in the context of a new searchbox, it created un-necessary entries for every post you created. Definitely not the intended purpose.

While this isn’t something I’m proud of, let’s be clear, the extra volume of information (or the weight in your WP database) is absolutely marginal and in no case this would have had an impact on your site speed or table integrity.

After a proper backup of your database (as you should), feel free to try the most popular WP database clean up plugins and you’ll notice very little difference before / after (shaved 4Kb off on this site).

Again, sincere apologies for not having it right on the first try. This flaw is fixed and you can resume creating searchboxes !


NB : Thanks to Pawel for his feedback !

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