Minor release : V1.8.1 is out

Dear plugin users,

This new release brings you 2 nice additions :

  1. Czech is finally available thanks to Martin Dvořák.
  2. I made it easier to create a searchbox that points to a SINGLE hotel. As I figured this would still require some longer explanations, I also posted this simple walkthrough to document a bit better. This isn’t a totally new capability even though I added a clearer menu option pulling some tweaks in the booking.com code.


10 thoughts on “Minor release : V1.8.1 is out

  1. Hi Greg,

    Firstly thank you so much for this plugin. Secondly, I am having trouble directing the search to a SPECIFIC HOTEL. I have followed the instructions and put in the specific ID but it keeps coming up with an error. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance….

  2. Hey,

    Is this plugin still being updated? Not seen an update for a while.

    You can no longer find the ID in the partner center however you can get it form the source code of the hotel page “hotel_id” however when I use this code it doesnt work with your plugin, can you give it a fresh update?

    Also the calendar images go way to the left of the calendar and I dont know how to fix it, think it might be my theme that is interfering, how do I fix this?

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards

    • Hey Jamie,

      Thanks for the follow up. I just became the proud dad of a little baby boy. Need a few weeks to make things right 🙂

      Thanks for your interest

      • Hey Buddie!

        Hope all is well with your new family 🙂

        I was just wondering if you could add the following:

        1. Fix the calendar image icons as they get pushed ot the right of the calendar on my site.

        2. Allow an option to make the background colour of the calendar transparent

        3. Allow to have a horizontal view i.e everything inline

        4. Add a duplicate facility so I can duplicate a previously made calendar and change to suit.

        5. Add an option to reduce the size of the datepicker popup text as it appears too big at the moment.

        6. Apply a fix for the hotel id, you can retrieve the “hotel_id” from the source code of the hotel page but it doesnt work when i put it in using your id selector.

        I think these would make great additions for updating it for 2016 😀

        Kind Regards

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