Restrict results to a single hotel

Dear plugin user,

A common use case that is repeteadly brought to me is how to create a search box returning results for a single / unique hotel. Typically you would have a post about how great the place is, or simply have a very neat UI and you want to integrate more seamlessly. No problem, this plugin got you covered.

First step : Find the hotel ID

Go to the extranet ( and then click on (1) “Implementation”, (2) “URL Constructor”, select (3) your country & city, (4) click on “hotels” and “show”. Finally pick the hotel ID in the list that shows to find your hotel IDFor the sake of the example we’ll say the Hotel ID I want is “176270”.

Second step : Creating a searchbox

I’d rather assume you’re already familiar with the UI of the plugin but as this is a walkthrough let’s go step by step.

How to setup your affiliate searchbox


First, go to the left panel and (1) click on “Add new”, then (2) enter a title for your searchbox, (3) your affiliate ID, (4) the hotel ID we just found, (5) restrict results to SINGLE hotel and, finally, I recommend you (6) hide the destination field in your searchbox. The last one is purely a cosmetic recommendation, do what you’re more comfortable with.

Last step : add it to your site

Final step, you’ll need to add this searchbox to your site. We’ll take the example of a blog post but the same methodology would apply to widgets or template areas.

Go to new post, click on that blue “B” icon next to the “Add media” button and select the box you want from the dropdown. If, for some reason, you’d rather work with the shortcode, you can simply copy / paste that code from the plugin menu on your site. Simple really.

Happy posts !

Greg affilitates implementation examples


I just found a link to a page that features a lot of info in one single location just just wanted to share that with you. This might help for you own site !

I am pretty sure there are MUCH BETTER integration examples out there… but these are the ones recommended by

Get started today!

Search boxes

This is what YOU control. This can be hosted on your site and tweaked by the plugin I’ve built. This is the first thing you can do to get started in the affiliation business.

Everything listed here is covered by the plugin I created. Also, you will not find examples of multiple searchboxes on one single page… as this is not supported by the scripts.

Want more ?

Once you start getting some traffic, you can put requests to the online team. If you don’t have a minimum of 100 visitors a day, I doubt they will even care about what you ask.

You can’t achieve the implementation examples below on your own. They are relative to your partner ID and hosted on the servers. Again, the more traffic you get, the more chances you have to have it done in a relativelly short timespan.

More than 100 visitors a day : + co-branded

As you can see, the affiliate brand is “integrated” into the design of the regular pages. Yes it is ! Look closer, top right ;).


More than 100 visitors a day : IFrames

In this example, the affiliate site loads the customized page in a “wide” iframe. Customers feel like they are on one site only but essentially this is 2 sites showing up on one page. It has a lot of pro’s (you still own the integration) and con’s (double scroll bars, security certificate won’t show up, look and feel is weird at times).


More than 100 visitors a day : Complete Style Copy / Header-Footer

The online team need to set you up here.
To work on your chances, make sure you look at the examples below and know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. The cleaner your request is, the higher the chances they’ll pay attention to your request.


More than 1000 visitors a day : Database Dump

This one is relatively rare and I’m not convinced there’s any updside to it.


More than 1000 visitors a day : XML

An XML integration is real deal. While it is a bit more costly when you’re just starting into the affiliation business, this is definitely a sign that you are serious about what you want to achieve. There is a cost on the side to set you up and they will gladly make you pay for it. Also once this is in place, you better be sure to have some good traffic coming your way… a site redesign might force you to rework it all over again.

Hope this helped, feel free to send me your own suggestions !