I’ve received a number of feedback since the launch of this plugin. I’ve condensed the most frequent ones here.

Affiliation business

Q : How can I get an Affiliate ID ?
A : Just go to the booking.com affiliate site and sign up for the program. It’d free but it might take you a few days before you get an answer.

Q : What are my options to implement a successful affiliation business with booking.com ?
A : Booking.com offers a number of tools for you to make money. I’ve pulled a list -with examples- on what your options are. Generally speaking, (1) get started “quick and dirty” as soon as you can (2) the bigger you are, the more they will care about you. All common sense, really ­čÖé



Q : I’ve just installed your plugin, how do I create a widget now ? There used to be a Widget available !
A : Yes, the widget is gone because it’s not really required anymore. UPDATE : The widget returned in version 1.0.1. Update your WP install if you don’t have it already ! No worries, it is REALLY super simple to get to the same result:

  1. Create your search box in the admin panel. Save it.
  2. On the plugin admin homepage, copy the shortcode. It should look like [booking plugin id=XXX].
  3. Go to your Appearance > Widget page and add a “text” widget where you want to add a searchbox.┬áPaste your shortcode in the textfield.


Admin options

Q : I do not want additional filters for my destination (i.e. “City”, “Airport”, …), how do I remove it ?
A : You have to (re)create your searchbox with no option selected. At this time (v1.0), the plugin doesn’t allow you to select back a blank value. I’ve already built in the option to go back to “blank” for the next release.

Q : I see the plugin exists in several languages. How do I add a new language ?
A : Simple. Look a this text file and send me the translated values. Your submission will be added in the next release.



Q : The calendar icons are a little bit off the exact center of the departure & arival fields. How can I get them more aligned ?
A : This is a longtime pending bug. Depending on your theme, the calendar icons might be a couple of pixels off the exact center. Simply edit the plugin code (Admin > Plugins > Editor > Booking plugin (top right corner) > Shortcode.php). Find the CSS reference called “ui-datepicker-trigger” and play with the parameters.



Any other request, please follow the feedback option on this page.

14 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi, as you mention, some themes display the calendar slilgtly off, in my case there where way of ­čÖé
    Anyway, two things i need to get help to fix..
    1, The search button doesn’t look as it should, it got a big black border.
    2, I really want to change the size of the text fields. Now it looks a little bit bulky..

    fyi. I use Metro Pro theme and Genesis

    best regards
    Anders Olsson/eTravelClouds

  2. Dear Sir, is possible to set, in search box, to show hotels for stars?
    example Milano 5 Stars ? So that i can put in each category (2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars) the box that show results of hotels 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, etc..
    thanks a lot

    • Hello Milano, in the current state, no the plugin doesn’t allow you to do that. It doesn’t sound too complex. I’ll add this to the list for a future release.

  3. Hi Gregory, I have an important question. Can your plugin be used for direct bookings with zero commission by hotel owners (but through the booking.com system). This is a feature booking.com offers hotel owners, but I am not sure if you plugin can support??

    • Hello Jacob, I’m not familiar with how booking.com allows you to bypass the affiliation system. If you have a link to some documentation, I’ll happily look into this for a future release.

    • Hello Veronica, If I got you right, you have a searchbox on your site that has driven some traffic already. Your site and implementation are functional but you do not see the label you gave to the search box in the booking.com admin panel (in booking.com). Correct ?
      If so, I can think of a couple of reasons : (1) did you use the correct Affiliation ID ? (2) did you get any traffic / clicks yet ? (3) did you give it a label name ?

    • Ok, I’d suggest you click the search button a couple of times to create traffic to your booking.com affiliate account and check your admin panel in 24 hours. Once on booking.com, if the url in the address bar shows your correct “AID”, it has to be accounted for. I wouldn’t know the exact timing but I’m sure you realize this isn’t updated in real time.

  4. I am using elegant themes (divi template) to build my website. I do not want a widget area i want the search box built into my page i have contacted elegant themes who have told me this is possible all i need is the short code for the plug-in. I have searched and searched but really have no idea what I’m looking for is it possible for you to tell me what the short code is for your plug-in.

    Many Thanks

    • Hello Simon, the shortcode for your customized searchbox is under this format : [booking_pluginbox id=”XXXXX”]. You’ll find them all listed on the plugin admin page. Also, you can add a plugin from the default WP editor if you click on the blue icon at the top.

      • Hi Gregory,

        What is the plug-in admin page i have looked everywhere for the shortcode on the page that displays all my plug-ins but can’t find it

        Thanks Simon

        • Hello Simon. Check “http://[your domain name]/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=booking-pluginbox”. Or else, go to your editor (i.e. Post > Add New) and click on the blue icon at the top of the text area, just above “bold” and others styling options ().

  5. Hello,

    I would like to know how to remove the booking.com logo from my search box and banner? I want it to look as though it is a part of my website. How do I go about this?

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