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  1. Hi, am a ‘newbie’ regarding WP (and try to learn fast). The booking.com affiliate is a solution we were looking for. Thus like to say ‘well done!’ to you. Do have a few Qs though:
    1. What exactly do I need to do to get a booking.com affiliate ID (AID), before I download the plugin?
    2. Who determines the commission / how do we establish the commission structure with booking.com affiliate?
    3. You recommend perhaps a particular ‘video gallery plug in’ displaying:
    a) rows
    b) columns, ex. 4,5 o 6
    c) ability to click on thumbnail and video starts playing (on our own site (FYI, we will also upload to various broadcast sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
    d) ability to display logo (or any other text, number) on thumbnail picture / video.
    Thank you, merci beaucoup
    PS we are trying to build our own (test) site which is in an infant stage at the moment

    • Hello Pim

      A simple google search could already get you a long way 🙂 Here’s the booking.com partner application form. Your first 2 points are covered there. For the third point, I recommend playing around with your site template and trying one -or a combination- of the great video plugins you can find out there.

      Have fun !

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