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Dear users of my plugin,

While Iโ€™ve been trying to add as many features as possible, Iโ€™d love to get your feedback as to what you think is really going to help you make more sales.ย Share your suggestions and that might become part of the next release !

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78 thoughts on “Suggest New Features

  1. Hi there!
    I have installed and configured the plugin, but in the Widget section it does not appear any widget related to
    Is the widget code already on the v0.1 of the plugin?
    I would like to try the plugin but I can’t find the way to display it.

    Suggested Features:
    – Open booking results inside website.
    – Shortcodes to insert the search box in a post or page.
    – Different serach box configurations (via shortcodes)

    Thank you!

    • I’ve found it!
      The widget name is “Widget name” :-).

      I guess this line should be changed in the plugin code:
      add_action(“widgets_init”, array(‘Widget_name’, ‘register’));

      I’ll start playing with the plugin.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll open a tracker shortly to make it easy to see what people want VS what I get time to do. The 3 things you mentionned are absolutely on the list for sooner than later.


  2. Have you tried to open the calendar popup in a test site?
    I have deactivated it because it doesn’t look good if the calendar popup doesn’t fit inside the iframe.

    • Yes, it’s part of the intended behavior of the solution provided by I’ve kept it in case someone wants to use a fairly large search box.

      To fix this i’ll need to rewrite completelly the interface. I agree its a worthwhile benefit.

  3. Hi, Greg!
    It’s a good start. What are you going to do with implementation search results and hotel pages into wordpress frame?

    • Hey Andrey

      There are a few improvements I want to build into the plugin first. Il guess you could call that progressive enhancement.

      I got lot of stuff going on these days but i hope to deliver a New release every month. So stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hello
      Yes, I’ll have more time on my hands in the next 2-3 weeks. Next main feature will be fixing the calendar issue of the native booking code.

      Thanks for keeping me honest ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have installed your plugin and am trying to run it on Twenty Ten 1.3 by the WordPress team. The search box which I have placed on the righthand column is not showing fully. I have changed the dimensions via the settings without any luck. The dimensions I enter are not saving. Not sure where I am going wrong.

    • Hey Imran,

      I just checked on a fresh install with TwentyTen 1.3 and it worked ok for me. Might be a naive question but did you press the blue button at the bottom of the settings page to save your edits ?


  5. Really cool – thanks for making it!

    One suggestion though,
    Could you add the option so I can direct the search results to open in a new tab or window?

    Thanks again!

    • Sure, good point. Will add this the next upcoming realease. Probably a week or two from now.

      Thanks for your comment

  6. can not see the widget on my site, but everything seems setting good.

    i d e a f o r m a t . c o m

    can you take a look?

    • Hey Andrea,
      It’s difficult to look into this without the WP admin access. Most people seem to have no issue activating the box and fitting it in their themes widget areas. May I suggest you look at it a second time just to ensure you’ve checked all the basics ?


  7. good plugin.
    It still doesnt open in new winow. pressed save. but it wount just open in new window. whena re you fixing this?

  8. My suggestion is about SEO. When I install the plugin and look at the source of pages, I can see the really long javascript code. This is not very good for SEO, Google crawlers don’t like this. If you can externalize the script I think this would be better, this way we can have a clean code. For now, I’m inserting the code to my site via an Iframe.

    • Hey Gezginrocker,
      Crawlers do not index javascript so you should be fine. Also, whether you link to a JS file or embed it directly in your code, the end result is the same from a page-load time and so on. The real value of dissociating the files would be for ease of maintenance though. You are right ! The best SEO practice of course remain the iframe if you want to silo your content.


  9. I’m having a couple of issues with the plugin.

    The calendar isn’t working correctly on my site. The widget is located down the right hand side of the site but the calendar opens near the top right hand side of the site.

    Is this the best place to get support for this widget or am I missing something, like a support forum somewhere?


    Todd E.

    • Hey Todd

      Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I did not notice your comment in the pending list. Anyway. Obviously what you are describing is not the intended behaviour. Could you send me a link to a live environment so I can look into what could go wrong ?


  10. Booking plugin is very cool and awesome, i have signup for but from where i can get affiliation ID to put it in Plugins settings? and one more thing can i show the search result from in my wordpress blog? What would be the expected time for next release? Thanks

    • Hey Moshin,

      First thing first. You need to be a partner before considering anything else. Their onboarding mechanism can take some time. When you receive their final confirmation via email (a couple of days after you applied), you should find the ID in there. One of the future release will allow you to embbed the search results into your own site. No date I commit on for now, but I’ll come back to this in the near future. Till then, get your traffic flowing !


  11. Hi,
    I’m glad you made this widget, but setting the widget width is not working for me, after you save the settings it just disappears.
    The search field extends outside the widgets border & looks funny.

    Ideas for future upgrades: setting the default search parameters is great, except I want to be able to set the default search (city/country) depending on what page its on, eg. a page about new york = new york hotels, a page about sydney = sydney hotels.


  12. Hi greg

    l am regisgered im web site and i’m trying many monthes to register in and eery time they refuse my request ,
    Do you have any idea how to force them to accept my request
    My website is new and doesnt have that much traffic to let them accept mywebsite

    • Hello Ahmed,

      I think you just netted out the issue. My two cents would be to use booking as is for now (with no affiliation code, thus with no commissions). Once you start receiving enough traffic, you’ll simply need to add you AID to your pages and you’re set. Building any other temporary solution will just be waste of time in my view whereas you should be focussing on driving traffic to your site and great user experience. Money will come eventually.


  13. Hi Greg,

    I like the plugin but it seems to slow down the site. It would be nice if we could exclude certain pages from displaying the plugin. That way we could selectively remove it from the HOME page and just display it on other pages.

    Thanks for providing this plugin.

    • Hello Liz

      I’ve been pulled away from the dev of this plugin for way too long, getting things started again.
      It’s relativelly easy to workaround what you’re saying if you use page templates (particularly for your homepage). I’ll keep that in mind for the future versions. I do have a number of requests already ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your note

    • Hello Adnan,

      There is no shortcode yet. As this has been requested by others, i’ll add this into a future release.

      Thank you for your comment.

  14. I love the plug-in! The only problem I see is that when you initiate a search, it opens in the same window thereby causing people to leave my site. I’ve tried changing the setting to “Yes, display results in a new window” but a second window doesn’t open. I also noticed that if the calendar icons are shown, when you click on them nothing happens, so I took them off my widget.

    • Hello Gary,

      This isn’t the expected behaviour, obviously. Based on what you’re describing, thus SOUNDS to me like a conflict with the template you are using. Any chance you can reproduce the error on a different template ?


  15. It would be so nice to be able to place this widget in a post. There isn’t much help out there to set up a search box in a post. You can’t just paste the code given by in a post and think it will work. Some characters are missing. Thank you for making this plugin. I shall donate once I make money.
    In the meantime, I’ll continue my search how to make the search box work in a post.

    • Hello Ariane

      Thanks for your comment. This is defo a simple a natural next step. I agree.
      I did not get to spend much time on the plugin lately but i’ve added your point to the next few releases.


      • Hi. Very nice plugin. I am building new site from beginnin, i have read that your plug in “Requires: 3.0 or higher : Compatible up to: 3.3.2. ”

        Can your plugin work with WordPress 3,5.1 which i installed few days ago or need to go down in version?
        Best regards Luka

    • Hey Pietro, thanks for your note. At this stage it’s note a money issue rather than a time issue. Others have been asking for the shortcode as well and a few other features. Good news is you’ll get it for free. Less good news is I can’t commit on an exact release date.

  16. Hi there.
    I am building new site from beginning. If this affiliate plugin works i am planing to bulid several web sites because i live in Croatia(tourist country) and earn money. I am also interested in donate when i get some money –
    and about plug in – i have wordpress 3.5.1 it is last version – it is written that plug in works from wordpress version 3.0 and something like 3.3?
    Is that truth? Do i need to re-instal older version of wordpress or could this plugin work on 3.5.1?(last version). I just need to know information so i can make my move. Cheers -Luka

  17. Hi Greg, Great plugin! Makes me money, but as I wrote you before, even though I ticked the box to open in a new window, it opens in the same window and thus carries people away from my site. I’m using 3.5.1 version of WP. Any ideas?

    • Hi Greg, I just saw your reply from before. I wouldn’t want to change templates as it’s the only one available for a travel type website. I also use Max Banner Ads and they work just fine by opening in a new window.

  18. hi
    the widget width does not change when i put the desire size ,infact the size box never update when i click save it keep show blank box !!

    • Hello Zane,

      For some reason I missed your comment ! Sorry for the laaate reply. Well the good news is the current version of the plugin should really cover your point. Let me know if you’re still facing an issue.


  19. Hello Greg
    Thank You. This is a great plugin.
    My contribution (little) is the Portuguese Language to insert there (I’m running it, yet).

    Best Biz & Regards
    case “pt”:
    $weekdays_short_1 = “Seg”;
    $weekdays_short_2 = “Ter”;
    $weekdays_short_3 = “Qua”;
    $weekdays_short_4 = “Qui”;
    $weekdays_short_5 = “Sex”;
    $weekdays_short_6 = “Sab”;
    $weekdays_short_7 = “Dom”;
    $month_1 =”Janeiro”;
    $month_short_1 =”Jan”;
    $month_2 =”Fevereiro”;
    $month_short_2 =”Fev”;
    $month_3 =”Marco”;
    $month_short_3 =”Mar”;
    $month_4 =”Abril”;
    $month_short_4 =”Abr”;
    $month_5 =”Maio”;
    $month_short_5 =”Ma”;
    $month_6 =”Junho”;
    $month_short_6 =”Jun”;
    $month_7 =”Julho”;
    $month_short_7 =”Jul”;
    $month_8 =”Agosto”;
    $month_short_8 =”Ago”;
    $month_9 =”Setembro”;
    $month_short_9 =”Set”;
    $month_10 =”Outubro”;
    $month_short_10 =”Out”;
    $month_11 =”Novembro”;
    $month_short_11 =”Nov”;
    $month_12 =”Dezembro”;
    $month_short_12 =”Dez”;
    $desc_search_hotels =”Buscar hotel”;
    $desc_destination =”Destino”;
    $desc_vanity =”Cidade, Regiรฃo, País…”;
    $desc_checkin = “Data de entrada”;
    $desc_checkout =”Data de saida”;
    $desc_nodates = “No momento ainda sem data efetiva”;
    $cal_next=”Mes seguinte”;
    $cal_prev=”Mes anterior”;
    $cal_close=”Fechar calendario”;

    • Hey Paulo,

      Just in time ! I’m adding your translations to the next release. Thanks for your input and good luck for the affiliate business prior to the world cup ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Tudo bom !

      • Hi Gred.
        “Tudo Bom* was great! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Well another little possible upg:
        After install plugin, there was a ltle “drop” into fastspeed analysys.
        looking forward I found this:
        (how about change the code asap? :-))

        Read from:

        Details from Google

        CSS @import ( allows stylesheets to import other stylesheets. When CSS @import is used from an external stylesheet, the browser is unable to download the stylesheets in parallel, which adds additional round-trip times to the overall page load. For instance, if first.css contains the following content:

        @import url(“second.css”)

        The browser must download, parse, and execute first.css before it is able to discover that it needs to download second.css.

        • Hey Paulo,

          Thanks for the note. For as much as I agree with your findings, importing the css also allows me to leverage the official booking files on their servers. That means fewer http queries on your domain name but also everytime booking would update their code, you get the freshest bits without even updating the plugin.
          Once I transition out of the original code -to move to jQuery calendars- this restriction will go away naturally.


  20. Hi Greg. I updated to the latest version of the plug in yesterday and as soon as I did it, the widget disappeared from my website and from the widget section of my dashboard. I’ve tried a different theme and got the same result. I’m using wordpress 3.5.1 and I’m guessing it’s some sort of compatibility issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hey Gav

      As you noticed, the plugin now works differently. (1) create your searchbox in the admin panel, the way you used to do it. Save it. (2) On the plugin homepage, you’ll find a list of all searchboxes you created. Copy the shortcode. (3) Go to your widget page, drag & drop a text widget on the widgetized area, like your sidebar, and paste the shortcode into the textfield. Save it. And you’re done.

      While it handles it all a little differently, the massive benefit of shortcode is they expand your playground to any page / post. Please keep in mind, due to restrictions, 2 searchboxes would not play well on the same page.


  21. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:inetpubftprootthelakeshotelwp-contentpluginsbookingcom-affiliate-pluginincludesshortcodes.php on line 1732

    I am getting this error. Please can you assist

  22. Hey Greg
    What an awesome plugin.
    Can I use Paulo’s method to change the language into Danish?
    Also for the next update – an idea could be to be able to change the color of the search button. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I installed and inserted the plugin as widget in a website without any problem. But i inserted several booking forms โ€”as shortcodeโ€” in a page (another website) and none of them are working. The month’s select is disabled. If i take a look at the browser’s console, i get “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘selectedIndex’ of undefined”. Tried to find a solution, but after 3 hours i feel a bit lost. I tried to show just a single form, but is not working… Any idea?

    • Hello Antonio,

      With the current stable version of the plugin, you cannot display multiple searchboxes on a page AND use the datepicker. Nothing to do with this plugin, this is directly based on the code provided by This limitation will be lifted with the next plugin release.
      Having said that, there are no reason for the searchbox to fail if loaded on its own on a page. This is the first time this error has been reported. Can you double check you filled in all the primary fields (name, affiliate ID, …) ?

      Alternativelly, uninstall the plugin and give a try to the latest DEV version. It fixes a number of small issues.

      Keep me posted

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